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The Modern Evolution of Law Firms

For the past 25 years O’Sullivan and Ruffilli lawyers have been challenging the traditional idea of how a law firm should operate. A small to medium sized law firm have created a successful modern model which thrives the fact of mergers and  O’Sullivan and Ruffilli succeed against the odds to compete with the corporate giants of the law world.  Seen time and time again large legal firms attempt to monopolise the market with a rigid corporate structure and an ironclad reputation to match. Although as the dynamic of the industry changes it becomes that personalised human touch that clients desire.

In the firms of today the most interesting change we see is in demographics, with the tech savvy takeover of Generation Y and the baby boomers working later into life firm evolution is taking place.  This strengthening knowledge and labour pool has drawn us further away from the clinical large firms of the 80’s and 90’s.

As a paradigm shift takes place, it would appear to be the firms able to tap into the wisdom of the ages that are now most desirable. At O’Sullivan and Ruffilli we consider our small yet diversified staff to create an atmosphere that can attend to the more empathetic side of law. In essence firms like ours that span all generations and time with a multi-cultural touch are offering more for less.